What is the mass of 6 moles of carbon 12?

It means that NA (Avogadro’s number =6.022×1023) 12C atoms have a mass of 12.0⋅g . You have specified 6.0⋅g . Thus 6.0⋅g12.0⋅g⋅mol−1 = 0.50⋅mol .

What is the mass of 6 moles of carbon atoms?

12.00 g C-12 = 1 mol C-12 atoms = 6.022 × 1023 atoms • The number of particles in 1 mole is called Avogadro’s Number (6.0221421 x 1023)….

What is the mass of carbon-12 mole?

1 mol of 12C atoms has a mass of 12.00⋅g precisely.

How many moles are in 6 carbon?

For this problem we will round it to 12 grams/mole. 6 grams of carbon ( 1 mole/ 12 grams of carbon) = 1/2 moles. The answer is 1/2 moles.

How many atoms are in 6g of carbon-12?

12 gm of carbon contains 6.02×10^23 no of atoms. If 12 gm of C contains Avogadro’s no of atoms then 6gm of C will have half of avogadro’s no of atoms(1/2×6.02×10^23) =3.01×10^23 no of atoms.

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How many moles of carbon-12 are contained in exactly 6 grams of carbon-12?

There are 0.50 moles precisely .

What is the mole of carbon if carbon has 12 grams mole?

Why use 12 grams? This is the theoretical atomic mass of the Carbon-12 isotope (6 protons and 6 neutrons). This means that the atomic mass or atomic weight (12 grams) of carbon is equal to exactly 1 mole of carbon.

How do you find the mass of a mole of carbon?

The mass of mole of carbon is it’s molar mass times the number of moles: (1 mole C)*(12.01 g/mole C) = 12.01 grams (the moles cancel, leaving grams). 12.01 grams of carbon supplies 6.02 x 1023 atoms of carbon.

What is the mass of two moles of carbon-12?

For example, 24 grams of 12C atoms would be equal to two moles since 24 grams divided by the mass of one mole (12) equals 2. Further, Avogadro’s number acts as the conversion factor for converting between the number of moles in a sample and the actual number of atoms or molecules in that sample.

What is the mass of 1 atom of carbon-12 in Gram?

Mass of one mole of C12 = 12 g. so mass of 1 atom of C12 = 1.9927 g. Now coming to part where you multiplied 12 amu to 1.66 g.

How many carbon atoms are in 6 grams carbon?

Answer: Since 12 grams of carbon contains 1 mole of its atoms, 6 grams of it contains half a mole, that is, 3.01 x 10^23 atoms of it.

How many atoms are there in exactly 12g of carbon-12 element?

6.022 × 1023 atoms are present in 12g of carbon-12 element.

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How many grams is 5 moles of carbon?

That means that one mole of carbon weighs 12.011 grams (12.011 g/mol). Based on that information, to convert 5 moles of carbon to grams, we multiply 5 moles of carbon by 12.011.

What is the molar mass unit?

Mass percentage is calculated as the mass of a component divided by the total mass of the mixture, multiplied by 100. -We know that the atomic weight of carbon is 12 grams and that of oxygen is 16 grams. Hence we have calculated the mass 5 of carbon in carbon dioxide to be 27.27%.

Which of the following contains same number of carbon atoms as in 6g of carbon?

8g of methane is also 0.5 mol which contains same number of carbon atoms as 6g of carbon.